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Air Filtration Systems Installation & Maintenance

Being a world leader in air filtration systems Baniyas Building Contracting have the experience and expertise to manage any air filtration installations you require.

Air filtration systems can provide a cleaner, safer, and more comfortable interior climate for home and commercial property owners alike. Purification systems can help to seriously improve indoor air quality by eliminating many harmful pollutants including allergens, germs, and bacteria. At Baniyas Building Contracting, we have been providing customers with unrivaled air purification system services in order to keep you and your loved ones healthy and happy.

Our engineers are comprehensively trained in the correct handling, installation, and disposal of air filters. We have a key understanding of industry segments, critical applications and the importance of correctly installed air filtration systems.

Baniyas Building Contracting can provide a complete filter management/clean air contract which includes condition monitoring, stock control, weekly condition reports and recommendations on how to improve the efficiency and air quality of the filtration system.

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